MONDAY Red Ribbon Week 
#DrugFreeLooksLikeMe Social Media Challenge
 Earn 25 Trailblazer points by showing us what Drug Free Looks like! Take a picture of yourself holding up the Red Ribbon Theme Sign and post it to Social Media this week. Add the hashtags #DrugFreeLooksLikeMe and #RedRibbonWeek. Post your picture here as well. 

10/27 Dia de los Muertos Come learn about and help us celebrate Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead! For more information view the flyer HERE. RSVP HERE.

11/1 Reading Contest  Do you love reading and prizes? For every 10,000 words you read, you have a chance to enter the raffle for some awesome prizes! View the flyer HERE for more info. Sign Up HERE.

11/2 Food Bank Activity Join us in service at the Food Bank! We have volunteer options at the Salt Lake City and St. George Food Bank. View Flyer HERE for more info. RSVP HERE.

College Tours Whether you’re in 9th or 12th grade, it’s never too early or too late to visit a college you’re interested in learning about. Check out the FLYER for all the info. Page 2 has all dates and times. RSVP HERE.

MHall Join us on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the MHA office for MHall. Click on the link for more Information and to RSVP

Trailblazers of the Week  Delaney Thompson (7th), Thomas-Geoffrey Bench (7th), Malia Chaya (8th),  Makenzi McClinton (8th), Tanner Thomas (9th), Tobias Boothe (9th), Jaser Wells(10th), Dante Goodwin (10th), Kody Fairbourn (11th), Sophie Fellows (11th), David Musser (12th), Trinity Fredericks (12th)