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Trailblazer of the Week--Riley

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Trailblazer of the Week--Riley
by Andersen Emily - Monday, December 10, 2018, 1:22 PM


Riley Marsilio

Our Mountain Heights Academy Trailblazer of the week is Riley Marsilio. Riley comes from a family with 3 sisters. One of her favorite things to do is watching Netflix on Sundays. Riley's favorite colors are dark red and blue. She dislikes cats and fish, and her favorite song is Jason Derulo "Whatcha Say". Riley has one dog named Stella. She hopes to be in the military one day and then become an officer. Riley is a 7th grader at Mountain Heights Academy. Riley works really hard in class and always gives her best. On top of that, she's very kind and thoughtful, taking time to leave thank you messages and express gratitude. Nice work, Riley!